SmallRig Storage Bag 3704

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SmallRig Storage Bag 3704

SmallRig Storage Bag 3704 is designed for quick and easy storage of camera accessories, providing a solution to the problem of small accessories being easily lost and inconvenient to carry. The bag allows storing follow focus 3010, action cameras, compact cameras such as DJI Insta360 GoPro, as well as microphones, LED lights, and small V-port batteries. It features inner compartments for power and communication cables and memory cards, and a carry handle on the top, and side slots for quick and easy storage and a neat and tidy experience.

Note: Not waterproof.

Key Features

1. Quick storage of scattered accessories.

2. Carrying and hanging storage bag with inner compartments and outer zip.

Work With

1: 160 x 120 x 65mm of storage space

Packing List

1 x Storage Bag

Technical Data

Product Dimensions: 165 x 125 x69 mm

Package Dimensions: 181 x 131 x76 mm

Net Weight: 120±5g

Package Weight: 210g±5g

Material: Nylon Fabric

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