ORCA Hard Shell Accessories Cases XS OR-66

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The OR-66 , new Orca Mini Hard Shell Accessories Bag is the smallest size from the hard shell
family bags,( OR-66,OR-67,OR-68 & OR-69) and was design to carry and protect any sensitive

equipment to location. The top and the bottom of the bag come with thick plastic thermoforming
boards, which provides ultimate protection for the equipment stored inside. All the sides come

with a honeycomb frame, giving the bag 360 degree protection. The bag comes with a soft
carrying handle and a padded shoulder strap. Inside the bag there are 3 dividers to set up the

inside in different ways as per the user’s needs. On the inside top cover, there are 3 pocket for
extra storage. The top pouches panel can be removed.

The bag is ideal to store: Wireless audio systems, Wireless Video systems, hard drives,
headphones, small mirror less cameras, microphones, small charges
and batteries, lenses or any sensitive gear.

Model Internal: cm/Inch External: cm/inch Weight: Kg/ Lb
OR-66 Length: 21.5 cm / 8.46” 
Width: 16 cm /6.29”
Height: 10.5 cm / 4.13”
Length: 26 cm /10.23” 
Width: 21 cm / 8.26”
Height: 14 cm /5.5”
1.4 Kg/
3.086 Lb
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