About ORCA Bags

ORCA was created to provide the best, customized bags and accessories for today’s

working broadcast and cinema professionals worldwide. Our philosophy is simple

design products that reflect the input of working industry Pros, and give them with

the best solution to get the job done, easily, comfortably and efficiently.

ORCA’s Research and Development team has been part of the cinema

sound and TV industry for over 30 years. It’s this experience that allows us to

provide the finest gear bags and accessories, bar none. Our R&D team has crafted the

entire Orca line using the most advanced technologies and superior materials available.

The result is an unmatched, field-proven line of smart bags and accessories, expertly

designed to carry and protect delicate video, lighting and sound gear, and to assist users

on the set, wherever they may be shooting.

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The handy hard shell case to carry and protect any small sensitive equipment


SKU: OR-65 ,   Qty: In Stock
42,00 €
SKU: OR-66 ,   Qty: In Stock
135,00 €
SKU: OR-67 ,   Qty: In Stock
141,00 €
SKU: OR-68 ,   Qty: In Stock
177,00 €
SKU: OR-69 ,   Qty: In Stock
192,00 €
SKU: OR-655 ,   Qty: In Stock
54,00 €
SKU: OR-29 ,   Qty: In Stock
21,00 €
SKU: OR-62 ,   Qty: In Stock
478,80 €