Terms of purchase

User Agreement - Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Helipilt Grupp OÜ, with registry code 14126101, address Fr. R. Faehlmann 10, 10125 Tallinn and the Client who formalizes the order in the e-shop managed by Helipilt Grupp OÜ and identifies himself / herself with the order form with his / her personal data (hereinafter Client) has agreed on the following conditions.

1. General provisions

1.1. The Parties to the Agreement shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Estonia and other legal acts and in the Agreement on Usage.

1.2. Helipilt Grupp OÜ has the right to make changes to the offered e-shop service at any time.

1.3. Helipilt Grupp OÜ has the right to unilaterally amend the terms of the User Agreement without being obliged to notify the Customer in writing by e-mail. Conditions may only be changed before making a purchase. Once the customer has made the purchase, the terms and conditions of the current agreement will be used at that time.

2. Products and purchase

2.1. There is a real inventory of each product in the e-shop. It is marked with the word "In Stock" on the product. If the product is located in partner stores, the product will be labeled "on order".

2.2. All the images match the actual look and functionality of the product. Some of the products also need to be illustrated as an illustration of the other device or the potential use of the product. The description of the product always includes a letter that belongs to that product kit.

2.3. The customer who chooses the desired products undertakes to enter the required data for the order fulfillment: surname, first name, contact phone, e-mail address, delivery address, postcode, payment method. The legal entity undertakes to enter the information required to complete the order: company name, reg. number, contact phone, e-mail address, delivery address, payment method.

2.4. The Customer undertakes to provide true information necessary for the execution of the order. Helipilt Grupp OÜ shall not be liable for the non-fulfillment of the order due to incorrect data provided by the Customer or for any consequences arising therefrom.

2.5 The Seller has the right to withdraw from the sales contract concluded via the e-shop and to leave the ordered goods without delivery or service if there has been a manifest error in entering the price of the goods or is a technical error in the system. In such cases, the Seller may withdraw from the contract and shall return the money to the User within 1-2 working days.

3. Prices

3.1. The basic prices for all products in the E-shop are calculated in Euros. Prices are shown with VAT.

3.2. Helipilt Grupp OÜ has the right to change the displayed prices at any time.

3.3. If Helipilt Grupp OÜ has changed prices in the E-shop after placing the order and paying for it, then the corresponding products will be delivered to the Customer at the prices valid at the time of order. The Customer is not entitled to claim a price difference compensation.


4. Delivery and Delivery Terms

4.1 The guaranteed delivery time for the products is 1-4 working days, unless otherwise stated. If not in stock, delivery time is 7-21 days, depending on product group. If we are unable to deliver a product within 21 days, we will let you know in good time.

4.2 Products with delivery time indicated: pre-order, delivery of these products may take longer than usual, depending on the device manufacturer.


5. Withdrawal from the contract before the performance of the contract by Helipilt Grupp OÜ

5.1. If the Customer wishes to withdraw from the contract after the order has been submitted and before the performance of the contract by the Contractor, it shall notify Helipilt Grupp OÜ in writing as soon as possible. A written notice must be sent by e-mail to The number of the order from which you wish to withdraw and the Customer's contact information (first name, surname, date of submission of the order, contact phone number) shall be indicated by e-mail.

5.2. If the order has been placed into operation and the ordered goods have been posted to you via the post office, the terms and conditions of section 6 apply.

5.4. If necessary, the money will be returned to the same bank account where it was received by Helipilt Grupp OÜ within 7 days.


6. Right of return

6.1. A User who is a natural person is entitled to a 14-day right of return for goods purchased from the online store. We ask the User to make sure that the product description matches the User's request. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service agents +372 56 220 102 or e-mail before buying.

6.2. The User shall bear the direct costs of returning the Goods to him. The User shall bear the transportation costs related to the return of the Goods, unless the Goods do not correspond to the description on page In the event of withdrawal of the User Agreement, the User shall bear the costs of returning the Goods or the costs of removal of the Goods in the event of withdrawal from the Agreement, if the Goods cannot be returned by the ordinary postal service due to its nature.

If the Goods returned by the User (and / or the Package of Goods) have deteriorated, damaged or damaged and such deterioration / damage is caused by the circumstances arising from the User, the Seller shall have the right to offset the decrease in the value of the Goods by the User for the Goods paid and returned to the User. The User shall be liable for the diminution of the value of the Goods if the impairment is caused by the use of the Goods in other ways than necessary to verify the nature, characteristics and operation of the item. Permitted way To use the goods, the User must handle and use the item only in the manner that can be done at the retail store when purchasing the goods.

If the Goods have been purchased in a campaign where another item has been added to the Goods, the User must return the entire set, ie both the Goods and other products.

6.3. The return form must be submitted using the standard withdrawal form (see Appendix 1) or by e-mail to

6.4. Upon return, the Customer will be refunded the cost of the product and transport money within 14 days of receipt of the withdrawal application.

6.5. The money will be transferred to the same bank account where it was received by Helipilt Grupp OÜ.

6.6. Return shipping costs cover 100% of the buyer.

6.7. Helipilt Grupp OÜ has the right to claim compensation from the consumer for the loss of value of the product, as the case may be. In case of deterioration of the thing to be returned, the Customer shall be liable for the decrease in value caused by the use of the thing only if he or she has used the thing in other way than necessary to verify the nature, characteristics and operation of the thing.

6.8. The Seller shall be liable for the non-compliance of the Goods with the terms and conditions of the Goods and occurring within 2 years after the delivery of the Goods to the User.


7. Personal data and their use

7.1. The User gives clear and informed consent to the Store Manager to process their personal data.

7.2. Upon placing the order, the personal data that has become known to the service provider entered by the user shall be entered in the customer register and used to provide the sales service and offer the goods to the Customer.

7.3. The source of personal data is the emergence of a customer relationship in the online shop when registering an order.

7.4. The personal data to be registered include data on the Customer's order: surname, first name, street, house, apartment number, settlement or city, postal code, telephone number, method of delivery, payment method used, acceptance of e-shop usage contract by sending a solicitation to the e-mail address, free text entry.

7.5. Personal Data Required to Bring the Goods to the Customer shall be forwarded to the courier company.

7.6. The store manager undertakes not to disclose the registered personal data to unauthorized persons.

7.7. The Customer has the right to verify the personal data concerning him or her as well as to modify or remove the data from the Register.

7.8. The User gives consent to the Store Manager to send an order confirmation to the email address entered when placing the order.


8. Terms of Use

8.1. The Client is obligated to familiarize himself with the terms and conditions set forth in the User Agreement.

8.2. When placing an order by ticking the appropriate window “I agree with the terms of use of the store and complying with them”, the Client agrees that he / she has read and understood the terms and conditions of the User Agreement and agrees with the terms and conditions set forth in the User Agreement.


9. Procedure for handling claims.

9.1. Expertise is carried out by Helipilt Grupp OÜ or the company that made the product to find out the deficiency and cause. A claim may be made for manufacturing and material defects.

9.2. The period for filing a claim for two years will apply to the delivery of the goods to the Customer.

9.3. The invoice is based on a sales invoice.

9.4. The claim is not settled if Helipilt Grupp OÜ proves that the defects on the goods have been caused by the fault of the consumer, incorrect use of the goods. The user must read the product manual before using the product.

9.5 Any disputes arising between the Customer and Helipilt Grupp OÜ upon the conclusion and execution of a sale and purchase transaction shall be resolved by negotiation. In the event of failure to reach an agreement, the Customer has the right to apply to the Consumer Complaints Committee or the court for the protection of his / her rights at the Consumer Protection Board. In case of recourse to the court, the User and Helipilt Grupp OÜ have agreed upon the court of the location of Helipilt Grupp OÜ as an agreed jurisdiction.

9.6. If the User is a legal person or a sole proprietor, then the provisions of the Consumer Rights Act (the so-called consumer protection provisions) do not apply to the sales contract.


Add 1

Minister of Justice 17.12.2013. a Regulation No 41 "On a contract concluded by means of distance communication and off-premises contract
for the withdrawal of the standard withdrawal form and the model withdrawal \ t

Standard form for withdrawal from a distance contract and off-premises contract
(fill in and return this form only if you wish to withdraw from the contract)

- To: Helipilt Grupp OÜ, Fr. R. Faehlmanni 10, 10125 Tallinn,

- Hereby, withdraw / withdraw (*) from a contract having the following object (*) / next service (*) - Date of order (*) / date of receipt (*)

- Consumer name / consumer names

- Consumer Address / Consumer Addresses

- Consumer's signature / consumer signatures (only if this form is submitted on paper) - Date
(*) Delete where not applicable.

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