In 2009, we launched the brand “SmallRig”, a word combination of “small”(small and light) and “rig” (fasten the speed of sailing) meaning “assisting videographic lovers in a powerful way”, which completely broke the traditional equipments’ unportable restraint due to the bulky accessories, and freed the filmmakers from the burden of traditional sets to enjoy DIY rigs. SmallRig believes that the users are the best designers. We hold on to the idea of “Customer Comes First, Collaborate to Innovate, Enjoy Being There”. Meanwhile, SmallRig provides specialized services and solutions of shooting suites for users to create more possibilities of capturing the moment & framing the eternal.

In 2012, along with launching universal connectors such as rods, rod clamps, etc, we have taken the first step towards our own designs.

In 2014, we have established the first user community on Facebook to collect ideas from filmmakers and photographers. As a result, we designed the world's first Sony A6000 cage.

From 2015 to 2016, we have developed accessories for camcorders (RED, Canon C100/300, Sony FS7, BlackMagic URSA), cameras (Sony A6/A7, Panasonic GH4/G series, Nikon D750, Canon 5D/7D), monitors(SmallHD/Atomos/BMD/Odyssey/PIX-E5), stabilizers(DJI) and so on. Meanwhile, we have expanded more than 300 kinds of products for cages, handles, monitor mounts, shoulder rigs etc.

In 2017, we formally initiated “DreamRig” Project and became personalized provider for more than 30 core products with customers.

In 2018, some mainstream brands, such as Nikon, Fujifilm, Atomos and Zhiyun, started to cooperate with SmallRig to provide high-end and sophisticated accessories for users and dealers.

Everything just starts to bloom. SmallRig is growing into an international brand and offering our users a powerful support to do faster and better works.

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Package Includes:
2 x Cold Shoe 1241
2 x 1/4"-20 Screw
4 x 2.5 Screw
4 x Hex Spanner

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12,00 €

Package Includes:
2 x Cold Shoe Mount 761

SKU: SR2059 ,   Qty: In Stock
15,00 €

New Version

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