SmallRig P200 Beauty Panel Video Light (Universal) 4066

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SmallRig P200 Beauty Panel Video Light (Universal) 4066

SmallRig P200 Beauty Panel Video Light is a simple, easy-to-operate, lightweight, and portable LED video light, mainly used for indoor beauty live-streaming, still life photography, video conference, outdoor live-streaming, etc. The 10-inch item features an ultra-narrow frame for a larger lighting area and is only 18mm thick. Its side emitting, which is natural and soft, allows you to look straight into it in live streaming. 192 bright lamp beads and 15W power ensure 2000Lux, 2500K-6500K CT, with adjustable warm and cold white; 98+ CRI means great color reproduction; and nine lighting effects meet your varied demands. The innovative, easy-to-use “one-click beauty-on”, an independent button, helps set personalized lighting effects. Besides, the light comes with multiple power supply solutions: an NPF lithium battery port for more portability. The USB-C port, particularly, supports a power bank and V-mount battery to extend working time in outdoor live streaming. On both sides, there are 1/4"-20 threaded holes for easy attachment of universal mounts. To sum up, SmallRig P200 Panel LED Video Light is the first entry-level professional LED light you cannot miss.

Work With

1/4"-20 Threaded Hole

Packing List

1 x P200 Beauty Panel Video Light

1 x USB-C Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

Technical Data

Product Dimensions: 254×174×16mm

Package Dimensions: 289×224×54mm

Product Weight: 400g

Package Weight: 600g

Material(s): ABS

Light Bead: 192pcs (Warm White 96pcs +Cold White 96pcs)

Power: 15W

CT: 2500K ~ 6500K

CRI: 98+

TLCI: 98+

Illuminance: 2000Lux/0.3m

Input: USB-C 5V 3A / 9V 2A / 12V 1.5A

Charging Cable: USB-C (1.5m)

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