SmallRig RA-S280A Air-cushioned Light Stand with Arm 3737

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SmallRig RA-S280A Air-cushioned Light Stand with Arm 3737

Air-cushioned design to protect lights and fingers from accidental descent

Freely adjustable height from 94cm to 280cm, suitable for different scenarios; folded length of 94cm, easy to be carried with

Mainly made of aluminum alloy and iron; the iron support bar is 2.66mm thick and 15mm wide and the aluminum alloy knob is strong and durable; comes with a high load-bearing capacity as well as a quick and efficient flip lock

The flat 1/4"-20 threaded adapter features higher compatibility and securer accessory connection and is made of strong and durable stainless steel to prevent wear and corrosion

Distance between legs at maximum extends to 1.2m for added stability; anti-slip and wear-resistant nylon foot pad

Suitable for: portrait photography, still life photography, live streaming, interview, e-commerce photography, etc.

Key Features

1. Safety air cushion for shock-absorbing.

2. Free to adjust the height from 94 cm to 280cm.

3. Made of high-strength, durable metals.

4. Quick and efficient on/off the flip lock.

5. Flat stainless steel 1/4"-20 threaded adapter for higher compatibility and securer accessory connection.

Packing List

1 × RA-S280A Air-cushioned Light Stand

1 × Boom Arm

1 × Sandbag

1 × Stainless Steel Connector

1 × Metal Hook

Technical Data

Folded Length: 940mm

Max Height: 2800mm

Arm Length: 950-1700mm                      

Center Column Diameter: 35-30-25mm      

Arm Diameter: 26-23mm       

Leg Diameter: 22mm

Load Capacity: 5kg

Net Weight: 3kg

Package Weight: 3.5kg

Color: Black

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Inside Dimensions: 22.5*12*96.5±1cm

Package Dimensions: 46*24*98±1cm 

Pack: 4pcs

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