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SmallRig RA-L65 Lantern Softbox 3754

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SmallRig RA-L65 Lantern Softbox 3754 is a versatile lantern-shaped soft light accessory with a 65cm diameter. The 270°beam angle and industrial-grade soft fabric bring you a more even and softer light effect.

Universal Bowens mount design, makes it compatible with SmallRig RC 120D/RC 120B/RC 220D/RC220B and other Bowens Mount Light.

The new generation of self-developed quick installation design, the diffusion, and the frame are combined into one, and the installation and Dismantling can be completed in 3 seconds, simplify the use process, bring you the best user experience.

The flexible barn doors feature hook and loop fasteners that can support more lighting layout options.

Users and Scenario: Living streaming, V-log, Wedding, Documentary film, TVC.

Packing List

Lantern Softbox x1

Fabric Barn Doors x1

Carry Bag x1

User Manual x1

Technical Data

Lantern Unfolded Size650x650x550mm(25.6x25.6x21.6")

Lantern Fold Size180x180x815mm(7x7x32")

Inner Box Dimension19*19**84cm (±0.5~1cm)

Outer Box Dimension86*41*40cm (±0.5~1cm)


Product Weight1348g±5g/2.97lbs

Gross Weight2580g±5g/5.69lbs

Material: Oxford cloth, aluminium alloy

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