simorr Vibe P96L RGB video light 3489

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simorr Vibe P96L RGB video light 3489

The simorr Vibe P96L is a portable mini-fill light. The full aluminum alloy body, efficient heat dissipation performance, and high-quality lamp beads provide a guarantee for the long life of the product use. All-in-one design, the perfect addition to the product's value. The thickness of the fill light is only 11mm, to meet the requirements of your carry-on, take anywhere. He has a color phase 0 degrees - 360 degrees adjustable; brightness from 0% - 100% adjustable; color temperature from 2500K (warm) to 8000K (cool) adjustable. LED camera light built-in LCD display, accurate readings, so you work more efficiently. At the same time 21 kinds of scene modes, so you can freely switch, easily create a variety of atmospheres.

Note: This product contains a non-removable lithium battery. Unauthorized disassembly is strictly prohibited.

Key Features

1. Thin and light integrated design, only 11mm thick, it meets your requirements of carrying around and taking pictures as you go.

2. Full-color RGB: with color phase 0-360 degrees adjustable; brightness from 0%-100% adjustable; color temperature from 2500K (warm colors) to 8000K (cool colors) adjustable, Ra>96.

3.7 kinds of scenes, 21 kinds of light effects: 21 kinds of lighting effects can be freely switched, easily create a variety of scenes, pull full atmosphere.

Packing List

simorr RGB Video Light X 1

Charging cable X 1

Instruction book X 1

Technical Data

Specification parameters.

Color temperature: 2500-8000K

Power: 6W

CRI: 96

Battery capacity: 1500mAh

Product size: 108*60*11mm

Package size: 137*87*37mm

Product weight: 117g for single light

Package weight: 233g

Material: aluminum alloy + PC

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