SmallRig RA-D120 Parabolic Softbox 4140

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SmallRig RA-D120 Parabolic Softbox 4140

SmallRig RA-D120 Parabolic Softbox  is a versatile diffuser measuring 120cm in diameter. Universal Bowens mount supports SmallRig RC 120D/RC 120B/RC 220D/RC 220B/RC 350D/RC 350B/RC 450D/RC 450B point-source lights and other Bowens mount lights on the market. A new generation of self-developed quick-release design allows easy installation and disassembly within 15 seconds for improved user experience. Comes standards with a 45° honeycomb grid for added directionality in various scenes. Employs industrial-grade soft material and highly-reflective coating; two diffusions ensure effective light softening or higher light transmission to satisfy your different demands.

Packing List

Parabolic Softbox ×1

Internal Diffusion ×1

External Diffusion ×1

Honeycomb Grid ×1

Carrying Bag ×1

User Manual ×1

Technical Data

Opening Softbox SizeΦ1190x710mm(46.8x27.9")

External Diffusion SizeΦ1180mm(46.5")

Internal Diffusion SizeΦ890mm(35")

Honeycomb Grid SizeΦ1180mm(46.5")

Product Weight2590g±5/5.7lbs

Gross Weight3770g±5/8.3lbs

Material(s)Polyester Fabric (40%), Aluminum Alloy (40%), Oxford Cloth (20%)

Inner Box Dimension20x20x100cm(±0.5~1cm)

Outer Box Dimension22x42x102cm(±1~2cm)

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