SmallRig Mini V-Lock Assembly Kit MD2801

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SmallRig Mini V-Lock Assembly Kit MD2801

SmallRig Mini V-Lock Assembly Kit MD2801 is a quick release set based on the standard V-Lock. It comes with a Female V-Dock and a Male V-Lock. There are 2 1/4-20 mounting holes on the Female V-Dock, and you can attach this assembly directly to a SmallRig camera cage kit, SmallRig monitor frame, or SmallRig shoulder pad mount. In addition, you can mount this assembly kit to SmallRig battery hinge MD2802 which is designed for adjusting angle of the battery with this setup to power all the accessories, which minimizes camera weight. The V-Lock with three M3 holes can be used as a replacement of the original V-Lock comes with the V-Mount battery.

Key Features

1.Standard V-Lock quick release set

2.Lightweight and portable

3.Featuring 2 1/4-20 mounting holes for anti-twisting

4.The attached V -lock can replace the original V-Lock of the V-Mount battery

Work With

V-Mount Battery

Packing List

1 x Female V-Dock

1 x Male V-Lock

1 x Spanner

Technical Data

Product Dimensions: 52X35.5X14mm

Package Dimensions: 63X50X40mm

Net Weight: 48g

Package Weight: 66g

Material(s): Aluminum Alloy

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