SmallRig Memory Card Case 2832

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SmallRig Memory Card Case 2832

SmallRig Memory Card Case 2832 is an auxiliary product for photography enthusiasts. It can store three SD Cards and two Micro SD Cards, which is convenient for storing the memory cards of cameras, action cameras, drone, and mobile phones. Each memory card has an independent safe space, which can quickly and safely slide into the card slot for storage. The memory card case also comes with a SIM card holder and a SIM card tray pin, which is convenient for consumers to change the mobile phone card when they go abroad or when business needs. It`s compact and easy to store. The outer shell is made of hard aluminum alloy, and the inner case is made of ABS+PC material. It uses a pull-out structure to facilitate quick access to internal items.

Key Features

1. CNC integrated molding, anti-fall and scratch resistance;

2. Equipped with a SIM card tray pin, which is convenient for changing the mobile phone SIM card;

3. Brand-new drawing structure, convenient and fast card removal;

4. Simple design, stylish and thin.

Work With

SD Card、Micro SD Card、SIM Card

Packing List

1 x Memory Card Case Holder

Technical Data

Product Dimensions: 90 x 54.9 x 7.3mm

Package Dimensions: 95 x 65 x 10mm

Net Weight: 45g±2g

Package Weight: 65g±5g

Material(s): Aluminum Alloy、ABS+PC

Cage color: Dark Olive 

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