SmallRig Silicone Donut with 114mm Rear Opening for Matte Box 3409

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SmallRig Silicone Donut with 114mm Rear Opening for Matte Box 3409

SmallRig Silicone Donut with 114mm Rear Opening for Matte Box 3409 is specially designed for SmallRig Matte Box 2660 to overcome light leakage. It supports lenses of 58mm-114mm outside diameter without switching adapter rings so frequently. Specifically, the highly flexible silicone hood fits directly over the front of the lens and then snaps into matte box 2660 via a 114mm metal ring, while an additional LWS Rod Support for Matte Box 2663 is needed to support the matte box and prevent twisting. It features four outside points for easy adjustment and reinforced linings to prevent vignetting as a result of the collapse.

Note: Please do use the SmallRig Matte Box Rod Clamp 2663 together.

Key Features

1. For SmallRig Matte Box 2660 with 114mm rear opening

2. Fits 58 to 114mm front diameter lenses

3. Blocks extraneous light

4. The attached carrying bag makes it easy to store and carry around

Work With

SmallRig Lightweight Matte Box 2660

Lens of 58mm-114mm outside diameter

Packing List

1 x Silicone Donut

1 x Carrying Bag

Technical Data

Product Dimensions:114 x 40mm

Package Dimensions: 200 x140 x 54mm

Net Weight: 87g±5g

Package Weight: 153g±5g

Material: Aluminum Alloy, Silica Gel

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