SmallRig CINE 4 x 5.65" ND1.2(4 Stops)Filter 3589

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SmallRig 4x5.65 ND1.2 Filter 3589

SmallRig 4x5.65 ND1.2 Filter 3589, measuring 4x5.65, is designed for professional photographers. It features 6.25% light transmittance, with four levels of light extinction. It needs to work with a 4x5.65 filter tray or a matte box. High clarity, high transmission B270 optical glass is precision ground and polished for use with lenses of various focal lengths without compromising image sharpness. The filter is coated on both sides with multi-layer nanofilm of uniform linearity of extinction spectrum and excellent performance. These coatings are mildewproofed and water-resistant, toughened to prevent stain, and easy to clean and care for, making for a part of everyone's gear bag. The filter has high-accuracy color reproduction at moderate color temperature, which makes video or film shooting easier.

Key Features

1. Supports 4x5.65 matte box system.

2. Double-sided multi-layer nano-coating, with uniform linearity of extinction spectrum.

3. Made of excellent SCHOTT  B270 optical glass from Germany, without damaging image quality.

4. Waterproof and oil-resistant coating.

5. High-accuracy color reproduction at moderate color temperature.

Work With

Compatible with 4”x5.65”Matte Box System

Packing List

1 x 4x5.65 ND1.2 Filter

1 x Storage Box

Technical Data

Product Dimensions: 143.45 x 101.55 x 4mm

Package Dimensions: 190 x 170 x 21mm

Net Weight: 147g±5g

Package Weight: 316g±5g

Material: B270 Optical Glass

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