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SmallRig 90° double rod clamp DCD2374

SmallRig 90° double rod clamp DCD2374 is designed for connecting double rode with shoulder handle to achieve shoulder shot. The double rod is locked by one M5 knob, in this way, users can achieve quick release. Besides, the spacial structure of briquette can never loose even just lock by only one knob.

Key Features

1. Locked by one knob to achieve quick release.

2. The special structure of briquette is tighten nought from rod loosing.

Work With


Packing List

1 × rod clamp

Technical Data

Product Dimensions: 80 x 25.4 x 67mm

Package Dimensions: 155 x 80 x 40mm

Net Weight: 91g

Package Weight: 134g

Material(s): Aluminum Alloy

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