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Blackmagic Cloud Store 20TB

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The Blackmagic Cloud Store is a very fast high capacity network disk that's designed to handle large media files used on Hollywood feature films. The design uses advanced flash memory so it easily handles lots of simultaneous users. Plus it's extremely easy to set up!


10G Ethernet Ports

4 x 100/1000/10G BASE-T

1G Ethernet Ports

2 x 100/1000 BASE-T

Ingest USB-C Port

1 x USB 3.0 (up to 5Gb/s). Automatically transfers files from USB drive to Cloud Store.

Backup USB-C Port

1 x USB 3.0 (up to 5Gb/s). Automatically backs up files from Cloud Store to USB drive.

HDMI Monitor Outputs


Computer Interface

Ethernet for shared file access, configuration and software updates. USB-C for configuration and software updates.

File Sharing Protocol



Computer Connections

50 max.

Cloud Synchronization

Compatible Services



Storage Type


Total Capacity

20TB, 80TB or 320TB


RAID 5 distributed parity

External Storage

USB Disks

External Storage Format

ExFAT (Windows/Mac) or HFS+ (Mac) file systems.


HDMI Monitor Out Standards

1080p50, 1080p59.94, 1080p60. 

Monitor Out Displays

Device Name, storage capacity and use, Cloud Sync status, User Activity, Hardware Status, storage map, network data rate graphs.

Status Indicator

Underside white glow indicating normal operation or red glow indicating disk or power supply fault.

Device Control

External Control

USB-C or Ethernet for configuration and software updates.


Software Included

Blackmagic Cloud Setup Utility

Blackmagic Proxy Generator Lite

Internal software upgrade via Blackmagic Cloud Setup using USB-C port.

Power Requirements

Power Supply

2 x internal 100 - 240V AC 50/60Hz.

Power Inputs

1 x IEC C14 mains input.

Power Usage

400W max.

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature

0° to 40° C (32°to 104° F)

Storage Temperature

-20° to 60° C (-4° to 140° F)

Relative Humidity

0% to 90% non-condensing

What's Included

Blackmagic Cloud Store

Welcome wallet with QR code for software download.


12 Month Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty.

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