SmallRig Motorized Slider MS-10 3542

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SmallRig Motorized Slider MS-10 3542

SmallRig Motorized Slider MS-10 3542 is a professional motorized slider designed for time-lapse photography and video shooting. Made of high-quality carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum, it features 39 inches slider  length and its horizontal load-bearing capacity can reach 18kg. The slider also features a wide-angle follow focus lever adjustment for easy tracking and  panorama to enhance your shooting experience. The quick-release motor rack  can be adjusted to suit your needs. On the top of the motor, there is a mounting plate with multiple 1/4"-20 Threaded Holes  for attaching a power bank clamp, power adapter plate, or graphic transfer devices to support power supply and remote shooting  needs. The slider comes with a dual adjustable holder and a gradient, making it easy to adjust the balance in various terrains. The motorized slider  is remotely controlled by APP, which enables both time-lapse shooting  and video shooting, hence more efficient and easier shooting.

Key Features

1. High-quality carbon fiber, aircraft-grade aluminum.

2. Adjustable wide-angle follow focus bar, easy switch between different shooting modes.

3. Quick release rack for switching between manual and automatic mode.

4. Compatible with power bank clamp, power adapter plate, or graphic transfer devices.

5. Dual adjustable holder and a built-in gradient.

6. App-controlled for time-lapse and video shooting.

Packing List

Motorized Slider x 1

Shutter Cable x 3

Mounting Plate x 1

Carry Bag x 1

User Manual x 1

Technical Data

Product Dimensions: 1110 x 265 x 55mm

Package Dimensions: 1130 x 300 x 80mm

Net Weight: 2.8kg

Package Weight: 4.7kg

Material: Aluminum Alloy, Carbon Fiber   

Input Voltage: DC5V 2A,DC7.5V 2A

Maximum Current: 1.2A