SmallRig x Desview Portable Tablet / Smartphone / DSLR Teleprompter TP10 3374

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SmallRig x Desview Portable Tablet / Smartphone / DSLR Teleprompter TP10 3374

SmallRig x Desview Portable Tablet / Smartphone / DSLR Teleprompter TP10 3374 is suitable for live commerce, online course recording, interviews, and other scenarios. It can work with smartphones and DSLRs and support smartphones & tablets up to 11”. Built-in cold shoe mounts on the top allow mounting LED lights and microphones. The base plate is extendable up to 40mm to avoid holders or the teleprompter is filmed in vertical shooting. The teleprompter comes with three 1/4"-20 threaded holes at the bottom for tripod and light stand, with a minimum focal length of 24mm in horizontal shooting and 35mm in vertical shooting when using a wide-angle lens. It features high-reflectivity tempered glass, provides clear imaging and higher shooting efficiency. The teleprompter glass beamsplitter is protected by a cover pad to prevent damage during transport. Comes with nine common lens adapter rings (49-82mm) for seamless connection of the lens to the teleprompter. Compatible with IOS and Android systems and equipped with Bluetooth remote control, it enables app start, pause, font size adjustment, etc. You can carry it around anytime and anywhere by using complimentary storage bags.

Key Features

1. Fits all tablets & smartphones under 11" (19cm).

2. Extendable base plate ensures holders or the teleprompter will not be filmed in vertical shooting.

3. Two built-in cold shoe mounts on the top for mounting LED lights and microphones.

4. high-reflectivity mirror with front and rear cover, provides clear scrolling text.

5. Carry bag included, with one for the teleprompter, the other for the lens adapter rings.

Work With


Packing List

1 x Teleprompter

1 x Cellphone Shooting Clamp

1 x Cellphone Shooting Clamp

1 x Remote Control

9 x Adapter Ring

5 x Cellphone Shooting EVA

1 x Microfiber Cloth

1 x User Manual

2 x Carry Bag

Technical Data

Product Dimensions: 200 x 104.6 x 202.6mm

Package Dimensions: 230 x 138 x 225mm

Net Weight: 440g

Package Weight: 1065g

Material: Aluminum Alloy, Glass, ABS, PU, Fiber Cloth